Body Reinforcement and strut tower bars


Features a No. 3 low expansion ratio Teflon tube, protected by a stainless-steel mesh covering. Implementation of the Spoon hoses enables the driver to achieve extremely clean and responsive braking reactions. Hose fittings are manufactured from high-strength steel



Integra (Rear) Integra (Front)
DC5 (R) 74310-DC5-000 DC5 (F) 74300-DC5-000
DC2, DB8 (R) 74310-EGA-000 DC1/2, DB6/8 (F) 74300-EGA-000
  DA6/8 (F) 74300-EFA-000
Civic (rear) Integra (Front)
EF9 (R) 74310-EFA-000 EF9 ( F) 74300-EFA-000
EG4/6, EK3/4 (R) 74310-EGA-000 EG4/6, EK3/4 ( F)74300-EGA-000
EK9 (R) 74310-EGA-000 EK9 ( F) 74300-EGA-000
EK9 (R) 74310-EGA-000 EP3 (F) 74300-DC5-000

ILower arm bar

Increases the sense of stiffness, and overall stiffness of the vehicle. The driver can sense road conditions. You will feel the difference.

Civic lower arm bar (rear) Civic lower arm bar (front)
EG4/6 (R) 74351-EGA-000 EG4/6 (F) 74350-EGA-000
EK3/4 (R) 74351-EKA-000 EK3/4 (F) 74350-EGA-000
EK9 (R) 4351-EKA-000 EK9 (F) 74350-EGA-000
EP3 (R)74351-DC5- 000 EP3 (F) 74350-DC5-000
Integra (rear) Integra (front)
DC1/2, DB6/8 (F) 74350-EGA-000 DC1/2, DB6/8 (R) 74351-EGA-000
DC2, DB8 (F) 74350-EGA-000 DC2, DB8 (R) 74351-EGA-000
DC5 (F) 74350-DC5-000 DC5 (R) 74351-DC5-000

ICrossbeam Bar
Experience stiffness and rigidity. On test circuits and or normal road driving, cross beam bar enhance driving performance.

S2000( front) ap1 S2000(rear)ap1
AP1 (F) 50250-AP1-000 AP1 (R) 50400-AP1-000

IRoll Cage
Used in Spoon race cars. Both 4 and 7- point cages are untilized in racing circuits with soft or hard top.

S2000 Ap1 S2000 Ap1
4 point roll bar please call 7 point roll cage please call




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