Sportcar Motion Policies


Sportcar Motion is not an automotive repair facility, thus not applicable to CA BAR certification. Most parts installed in this facility are for OFF ROAD USE ONLY. Sportcar Motion does not preform any repairs or installation related to CA state emissions requirements/guidelines. Sportcar Motion does not guarantee any install of products are CARB legal for CA emissions requirements. The determination of such products is at the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle. Payment on any labor is due in full at time of service prior to the start of any services. Upon completion, any remaining balance is due upon pickup. Any vehicle not picked up within 24 hours is subject to storage fees of $25.00 per day.


*contact local authorities to find out what modifications are allowed and which are illegal on public highways. Many performance parts are intended for off road use only. Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification, or rendering inoperable of any device using or element of design effecting vehicle emmission or safety in a vehicle used on public roadways. If such laws are violated, buyers are subject to fines/penalities issues by the state or local government where the violations occur. Sportcar Motion is not liable for such violations as they are the responsibility of the legal owner of said vehicle. Car and engine modifications can result in injury/death. Any modifications done to your car or any circumstances consequential are at your own risk. Contact your vehicle manufacturer to determine wither or not your cars modifications will affect your safety, stability, warranty, performance, or anything related to your vehicle. Sportcar Motion holds no libality in any damages direct, indirect, punitive, actual, consequential, special, exempt, or otherwise occurring to your vehicle, you, or to other persons property


Please contact us for current pricing, inventory, availability, and specifics on products.

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